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I see similar behavior patterns in fetuses and humans. The way they use technology e.g. their application of interfaces in places of safety. The fetus in utero uses the umbilical cord as a vital support system, the child or adult in their bed, curled up, uses a phone or computer with a power cable as a vital support system. The support system for the fetus is physical, for the adult it is psychological and social; but does this analogy have implications for us in a future in an increasingly technological world.

If so, what are the implications for us in a future that is increasingly technological rather than its opposite?

How is technology changing human behavior? Managed by a group of second-year MFA students: Cherish Marshall, Stanley Black, Philippa Kate Weaver, Mitchell Smith, and Sean Winn being at its heart. The exhibition ran for three days, host almost 550 visitors in a brilliant 3 floors space in Bermondsey.

 I showed 'Uterus' a mixed media installation.

"Uterus" 2019

Mix media installation

Dimension Variable

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