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Using mirror to purse truth 


The mirror has been a compelling metaphor since primitive man discovered his image in still water. The distant past is evoked by the myth of Narcissus, the Greek youth trapped in fascination as he tries vainly to embrace his reflection. His condition graphically portrays how unattainable of satisfaction are the wishes of the earliest narcissistic period of human development. Water, in the myth, symbolizes birth and the mother; its surface is a mirror and its depths are the medium for symbiotic entrapment. The myth reflects the earliest confrontations for mothers and children that give rise to the emergence and maintenance of identity. Individuation develops from the situation of mirroring that starts from the first reflections of the infant in the mirror of its mother’s eyes. 

While in the modern life, the narcissist are much complicated. Christopher Lasch said, “The new narcissist doubts even the reality of his own existence.”Modern narcissist seeks not to inflict his own certainties on others but to find a meaning in life. On a much broader and more subjective level, mirror as a metaphor for pursing the truth in my personal interpretation. However, as a modern narcissist, social media such as Instagram and Facebook -those shrines itself-are among the MEMEME generation offspring. Somehow become the evidence of our own“Culture Of Narcissism”. My motivation is to create something can relate to my generation here.

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