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Marlene Dumas


Marlene Dumas (born 1953) is a South African artist and painter. She often uses reference material of polaroid photographs of her friends and lovers, whilst she also references magazines and pornographic material. Marlene Dumas also paints portraits of children and erotic scenes to impact the world of contemporary art. She has said that her works are better appreciated as originals since many of her smaller sexual works are very intimate

Dumas paintings are seen as portraits, but they do not represent people but an emotional state that one could be in. Her art focuses on more pressing issues and themes such as sexuality and race, guilt and innocence, violence, and tenderness. Dumas style is an older romanticism tradition. She uses loose brushstrokes to add distortion but also a great detail to her art. 

Compared to Marlene's painting, I would like to tell a quirky story to the audience. Of course, art is a process of self-analysis.  If autographical storytelling is what I good at, then I will continue to use my weak painting skills to show the ambiguity of these images, and this will become my characteristics.

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