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Tracey Emin is the artist inspired me recently. Most of her works are autobiographical. and revolves around her personal traumas growing up in Margate, and becoming the person she is today.  As an artist sometimes I feel like somehow we have to be naked for our emotions. 

Tracey Emin uses her life story to create provocative artworks. Such as “Every Part of Me's Bleeding”,  – a readymade installation, consisting of her own unmade dirty bed, in which she had spent several weeks drinking, smoking, eating, sleeping and having sexual intercourse while undergoing a period of severe emotional flux. The artwork featured used condoms and blood-stained underwear. 

For me, Sophie Calle is an interesting artist hard to ignore. I am deeply attracted by the surprising and intimate stories that she telling.

Like she followed strangers in the street. I have to admit it's not a good habit. Like her, I have an obsession for the street, faces, and uncertainty. Encounter last more than a fleet of a second. There always something hidden underneath all the differences. Something shared the essence of it. Me and my camera we are like intruders bumping into another time to catch these moments. 

Or like her other work invited strangers to sleep in her bed or she asked the blind to define beauty

It also let me know different ways of creation and became the inspiration for my future study.


Artistic creation is the process of releasing natural and artificial bodies. Some artists rely on time and space, and use the ability of "objects" to release their social significance. I use body orientation to give the work information and meaning. This book has helped me better understand my own emotions, my own childhood experience. All these undesindescribable feelings become more clear to me.

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