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Olafur Eliasson -In Real Life-Tate Modern

Olafur Eliasson 

In Real Life

Tate Modern

Let's think deep what’s kind of work can attract more audiences!

Let's think deep what’s kind of work can attract more audiences!

Within the exhibition will be an area that explores Eliasson’s deep engagement with society and the environment. The most entrancing experience I ever had in gallery space, to discover what an artist’s perspective can bring to issues of climate change, energy, migration as well as architecture.

His works have a special glamour that intrigues me, maybe is the cosmology vibe of objects show in the vast vitrine, or the RGB interaction light work, or the corridor filled with fog. I couldn’t remember how many Instagram stories I posted that day. Anyway, his works did make me get deep to think about how to make audiences are more willing to spend a couple of hours in a modern gallery space. 

Work has to be related to all generations. Keywords: joyful, safe(which a family have kid is harmful) , interactive, good for selfie or picture, innovative. To be honest here, the list could go one and on , but this do effect my practice in a different perspective ,to challenge myself do something innovative.


The Crypt Gallery London

What curation does?

Curation is a field of endeavor involved with assembling, managing, and presenting some type of collection. Curators of art galleries and museums, for example, research, select and acquire pieces for their institutions’ collections and oversee interpretation, displays and exhibits.


The exhibition in the Crypt gallery the first time that I got participated in the entire exhibition process. To learn how to hold a show from the beginning in the end. It's an exhibition that MFA Wimbledon presents, 35 artists in the course all divided into different groups to complete this exhibition.

I joined the curation team with Galina, Kai, Kate, Fiona, and Giulia. The curation job is a big challenge since I was never done before. Somehow things you haven’t done it always fun.

 More or less, the curation job is all about communications and understanding each artwork. Start from reading everyone's proposals and statements for the show. While how to put 35 artists work in a space is a colossal mess, our team tries our best, somehow we missed the critical point which is curating is quite like a cooking process. You have to add more flavor to each one’s work to create a dramatic atmosphere fit in the space and theme. I am delighted that this experience bonds me tighter with each member in our course also gets to know the process of curation.

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