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Quick And Dirty Exhibition

Spark exhibition is an exhibition initiated  and curated by Helen Dear and Constanza Marques Guedes in the first semester. It mainly emphasizes teamwork. This inspired me as a person who had no experience in arranging exhibitions through my eyes that I learned the process of exhibition curating.

Postopia Exhibition

How is technology changing human behavior? Managed by a group of second-year MFA students:  Cherish Marshall, Stanley Black, Philippa Kate Weaver, Mitchell Smith, and Sean Winn being at its heart. The exhibition ran for three days, host almost 550 visitors in a brilliant 3 floors space in Bermondsey.


I am very lucky to show here one of my works “Uterus”

The keynote of my work is based on human interaction with technology. I am obsessed with similar behavior patterns between fetuses and humans in their safe space. One features the fetus while in utero, using the umbilical cord as a vital support system, the other is in their bed, curled up and using a phone or computer cable as a vital support system. It is absurd that the same action is repeated when as a fetus as well as the adult. I question what is the support system for an adult? Is it through technology?


If so, what are the implications for us in a future that is increasingly technological rather than its opposite. 


​Art Parlour

 Art Parlour focus is on looking outside the Art College, to different elements of the London art world and how we survive in it. We join sculptor, curator and Wimbledon MFA graduate Dan Curtis for a tour of alternative art spaces in Peckham, South London. 

On this day ,the most useful is that there are countless way artists surivive in modern society and how to analyze our strength, weakness, obstacle and threaten. I have a better understanding of my own situation.

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