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The idea of throwing off adulthood and becoming a kid again still fascinated me. That why my works often connect with the childlike qualities that we suppress as adults. I am fascinated by using intriguing stories that require speculation through their neglect of emotions, and my work proves their existence in a naive and quirky way. I hope that these static images can become a strange novel to elaborate on these stories, resonate with silent dialogues as a reflection of myself also as a mirror to the contemporary cultural condition. Here, more attention is paid to self, personal growth, personal emotions, mass media, and private images as significant artistic expression resources, and from which to obtain a unique, intimate feeling with a female perspective.

I found myself consumed by thoughts of my past. It is a kind of autobiography that recalls the vulnerability of self-awareness and the way I store and distort memory. This has become a self-exploration and self-reshaping of an Asian female to advance previous art practice by painting old family photos. The work reshapes the memories through the painting of photos to create an uncanny gaze with the audience. What is significant is the subjective memory in childhood and how it defines and shapes who we are. 

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