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A detour to the authentic self

These two years of study have been a process full of cross-cultural conflicts and searching for self-identity for me. Living in British is an extraordinary experience, and the classroom has been another diverse small university.  However, in the process of practice, sometimes, our path to ourselves will become farther and farther.  What I thought about what we been doing as an artist either reflects ourselves or society.

Within the practice, somehow, I have to say, I got lost sometimes, maybe I try to run away from my fears then forgot what I was looking for. It’s like moving to a new city without a map. Same as live in a different country, it’s much easier to embrace a new identity and disguise your past. You past root grew apart from your reality, and you become a stranger to your hometown. You destabilize your sense of self. In other words, you might say I tried to get rid of my old identity. My identity was threatened or subverted by the present, and this is fully reflected in my practice as the title puts. However, in philosopher Walter Benjamin's terms, to be lost is to be fully present, and to be fully present is to be capable of being uncertain and mystery. And here I presenting my detour to the authentic self. I want to share this with you here, sometimes we all stuck in the swamp of life.


“Immoral Daughter"
“I Still Care"
“Dog Lady"
“Hey Babe"
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